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Tick Briar Farm

Problem Solver

Upperhand Genetics


World Of Outlaws 2-5 Great Grand Sire

Asia 46-3

Huinker Durocs




BRED BY: Meeker Durocs, IL 

World Of Outlaws 2-5 Great Great  Great Grandsire

Sire: Crown Royal
Dam: Problem Solver x Buck Cherry

Stress: Negative

Dam is $7,500 Champion Gilt at 2011 SWTC!

KING - his name says it all!  This very popular boar is heavy boned; huge center rib; monster, square hip; wide, grooved top; and has an impeccable head and neck.  This pedigree has Champions on both sides - the sire Crown Royal is the $100,000 Champion Duroc Boar 2011 STC and the dam Problem Solver X Buck Cherry is the $7,500 Champion Duroc Gilt 2011 SWTC.  If you need a powerful Duroc boar that has it all - bone, mass, rib, muscle, the look, and soundness, look no further than the KING.  Thanks and congratulations to all of the folks that bought KING semen last fall and are dominating the Duroc showring.

Breaking News: Champion & Res. Champion Duroc Gilt NJSA WPX; Champion Duroc Gilt ($25,000) and Champion Duroc Barrow @ NJSS Louisville (won 6 of 12 gilt classes @ NJSS); High-selling boar STC Louisville; Champion Duroc Barrow Ohio St. Fair Open Show; Res. Champion Duroc Barrow Jr. Show & Supreme Champion Barrow Open Show, Illinois State Fair plus many more winners! 

World Of Outlaws 2-5 Grandsire

Buckshot 2-2

(OAB8 PSSS Buck Cherry 1-1 x HD5 Johnny Cash 5-7)
Littermate to Walk the Line

The most exciting Duroc we have seen in a long time. It's very hard to make Durocs with this kind of power and muscle. He has a huge square top and massive rump! He is extremely wide and bold as viewed from front to rear. He is incredibly flexible for a hog witht his much power and body! We are breeding as many to him as any young boar since Totally wide open. This big-boned feller has done nothing but get better everyday.

Dam's Side

King of Outlaws 3-1

Top Cut Genetics


Mother was purchased from Chuck & Ben Olsen for $5,000.

Sired by King of Outlaws whose pigs have dominated the showring in 2015!

Cocky upheaded attractive look and a big thick top and rump.
Perfect tail set and hip and hind leg-He has the soundness and flexibility needed in the Duroc breed.
Enormous rib cage and busted open underneath with a huge chest floor.

World Of Outlaws 2-5 Great Great  Grandsire

Sire's Side

Crown Royal

Mappes Durocs


World Of Outlaws 2-5 Sire

King x Yak II x Can't Touch This

Registration: 349598001

​Stress Negative

​Bred by Outlaws & Triple A Genetics, MS

​Owned with Alan Laucher, OH​​​

World Of Outlaws 2-5 Grandsire

Sire: Power Wagon
Dam: Pi R Squared (Power Wagon's littermate sister)
Bred by: RW Genetics
Ear Notch: 197-2
Registration: 311514002

We feel very fortunate to own this boar.
This is one of the BEST red boars that we have seen in the last 5 to 10 years. This is a $15,000 private treaty purchase from RW. To be honest, we went to look at this boar and after seeing him we knew he was a must have. Line bred means predictability!

Problem Solver is a wide bodied hog that is very heavy in his structure and as correct on his feet and legs as you want to make one. This guy is opened up underneath with a huge chest floor and super square going away. This is a boar that will make showpigs and breeding stock. We should have named him Pennies on the Dollar.

He is awesome!!

World of Outlaws 2-5


Buck Dandy x Triple Crown $100,000 Champion Duroc Boar, STC 2011

This $100,000 boar is the best Duroc boar people have seen in years. He excels in squareness of hip, flexibility off both ends, width of base, and center body mass. He is stout and rugged but yet still attractive in his look. His muscle shape and expression are ideal.

World Of Outlaws 2-5 Great Grandsire


King 1-1

Cain Super Sires


HD Asia 46-3        Buckshot 2-2 X Gallant

Asia is proving himself to be one of the elite sires in the country. His dam is one of the most powerful big footed, loose structured. heavy structured sows you will ever lay eyes on. The true power will be felt for years. The demand for Asia daughters has been great. A man
amongst boys ! Asia has already sired several National Champions.

Champion Boar 2012 World Pork Expo 
Champion Boar 2012 Summer Type Conference 
Res. Gilt Western Regional 
Res. Champion Gilt Belt Buckle Bonanza 
Champion Production Barrow WI. State Fair 
Res. Gilt IL. State Fair 
Champion Duroc & Supreme Breeding Gilt East Texas Fair 

The stoutest , biggest ribbed and bodied Duroc boar in the country that is sound and monster boned and footed !

World Of Outlaws 40-10

Top Cut Genetics


Buckshot 2-2

Huinker Durocs


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King of Outlaws is debated as being from one of the best Duroc litters to surface in years. King of Outlaws' littermate's performance speaks great volume. His littermate sister was the Grand Champion Duroc Gilt at 2014 San Antonio Junior Show and at 2014 SWTC in Belton, TX. His littermate brother was the Champion Duroc Barrow at 2014 Dixie Nationals, MS. Another litter brother was Grand Champion Overall and Champion Duroc at Delta District Show in Greenwood, MS. King of Outlaws is truly the heaviest structured breeding piece to surface in years! We love the fact that a sire with this structure is awesome, but the best part is his clearness of joints is better. King of Outlaws sits on big square toes and true foot size. The most unique factor is King of Outlaws' structure doesn't take away his extra attractiveness and extension up front. He has a powerful blade that sits square and carries that squareness to the ground better than his sire especially in his knee set. We appreciate his height at the point of his shoulder that ties into a powerful loin. King of Outlaws has a huge square rump setting that carries extra mass of muscle in his lower hip. Now the debate will be how many sows do I breed?