Our feed is a special mix that we have developed for our growing pigs.

​This is a 20% protein 6% fat mixture that allows us to make adjustments according to the individual pig if needed. We can mix it with a lower percentage protein feed or corn meal if needed to slow the growth rate, amount of muscle or amount of fat the pig is gaining. We can also add fat in the form of vegetable oil or soy been oil in order to get the right combination of muscle vs fat that we are looking for. It is a very versatile feed that just plain grows awesome looking pigs...inside and out.

When adding oil to the feed to increase the fat content you can use used vegetable oil from restaurant fryers however this may influence the taste of the finished pork. When needed we use soy bean oil or new vegetable oil. BE CAREFUL..adding too much oil will give the pigs the runs. We add just enough to lightly coat the feed not make a soup.

This feed is not intended for mature breed stock. It will make them look really good but they will be too big for optimal breeding. That said it is an excellent feed for bringing sows that have been pulled down from nursing little pigs back to breeding shape quickly.

If you would like to order feed please text us at: 864-525-6031.


We do not stockpile feed so you have to order it in advance please.

We make it available in:

50 lb bags

55 gallon drum

1/2 ton

1 ton

Tick Briar Farm's Hog Grower/Finisher 20/6 Feed

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